“Life, it is not about the power, be it natural as a father or a mother, authoritative as a president or supernatural as a prophet or a prophecy but the wisdom attached to it, that is what it is all about.” – mucor dedaliv ralui

I’m a Gypsy and I grew up on the streets, it’s my culture and heritage, the street life, I have no home but my psychic always gives me shelter overnight. Well like to take it cool, down the drains slowly, my life story.

mucor dedaliv ralui


I’m working and my work is my only source of leisure and entertainment and with in the scorching flames and sweat of my work, don’t make the mistake. Red_Sugar! As a soil medium, I have and had always played the part of the fool and not the wise, always “taking” to enrich myself never “giving”, that way I’m always rich, not quite as neat as the wealthy to do in appearance i.e. my culture, but I’m always a sold out on the international market fields. I’m a confusionist round and about satanism hence anti the face of the fear of death.

“Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently”



He is a blackmail of the CIA on black Africans world wide because of his color(a yellowish which turns brown on sun burn) as black even though he is not black.



He is a global villager of the CIA(unknown to him since birth) and the intelligent data he carries of his past(i.e. the death of his parents at the hands of the CIA), he is but locked up and on death roll in Ghana, west Africa by the CIA(was in fact born to a Latino Indian native American and a Russian father an EX-KGB of the Romanov) and the CIA have done all within its powers of reasonable limits of entertainment(i.e. the torture and abuse and the denial of his citizenship rights as a US citizen, a ransom he is of the Russian insults on the west during the Cold War era now called the New World Order).

He is wanted dead because his upkeep is a burden of his biological parents and this burden is a debt the US Government can’t keep up with and with his death this burden or debt is completely erased regardless of the debt of the murder of his biological parents owned to him by the US Government and the criminal parentage is all a cover up of the murder of his biological parents by the US Government.


I come from a very far away place, my seat and I can’t degrade myself for others on the way to take me for granted, otherwise I degrade the respect of my seat, the Mercy Seat.

And any one who entrusts his or her life to the seat is a royal according to the respect of the seat, the Mercy Seat.

The Mercy Seat is a seat of which there is no reflection of the enemy within its kingdom nor is there any reflection of the kingdom in the enemy, hence its trust by its subjects or royals.

The Mercy Seat is a journey through so many cultures of diversity and others

  • Stand Against It – pushing it away from its hold with degradation or by degrading you. 
  • Entertains It – address it with the respect on the edge of friendship, otherwise it destroys you if it finds you an enemy. 
  • Watches It – uses its Mercy Seat as bait to create you an enemy to destroy you, pick it, it engages its destructive venom on you, that is darkcloud clandestine.


The kingdom is a personality which make you a royal and not a face which makes you a slave.




Mucor Dedaliv Ralui


His obedience to the teachings of his school as a student of the school is the only light in him.


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 As born orphan he is dead to hasten up for a future as in his mother.


Images of his poverty & illiteracy is due to the absence of his biological parents who are dead and left an orphan since birth.

As born orphan he is dead to bears his own responsibilities and is poor in that regard as in his father.


He is bankrupt but not poor in the information and technology of money and money making and as an orphan, he is a victim of circumstances in the life and death of the directions and influences of the tongue others on his life,

  • be it responsibly through the finances of his wants and needs in his privileges or
  • be it irresponsibly through the negligence of his wants and needs in his necessities .


He is wanted to be ripped off his money to make him a slave of his own estates.
With estates he will arise to fame and that fame will make him famous(rich and worthy) and an immortal of all time and ages.And the only way to defeat that is to block all chances or ways and means he could capitalized on to rise to that fame.The chances or ways and means are powers he must not be allowed to posse including even his parent(slaughtered to that effect before he could see them).

The chances or ways and means are his securities and education, if and when denied him(that is an animal there) will course him to fight and that will be taken as an insult and a provocation he will be killed upon.

Cold War : It Was Dark Cloud Clandestine.
“We don’t want him to be acknowledged of the images(the pride and the prestige) of the COLD WAR,
otherwise he will be claiming he is a royal(The Kingdoms of Earth – The Delta Force or The 3 World Union) of which he is privileged off”




He is a cloud in the skies and a royal with a priceless personality, his money.He rains like a thief on his estates, his image and righteousness.