It came about as a result of the internal damnation and refutation by the other 14 member states of the Union on the economic supremacy of Russia(It rule as the heavenly Jerusalem of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the bride of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a prophecy by Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the faithfuls of the new world order, space exploration, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is but of course the West) over them and the proposed formation of the New World Order here on earth with them(Great Britain, United States of America, Russian Federation) as the trinity in order of succession under these 3 banners:

  1. The recreation of a united Jerusalem, which they succeeded to a near completion by using the birth of Nazi as bait.
  2. The creation of the International Space Station, a marriage of inconvenience purely on technological grounds and safety.
  3. The creation and integration of the Delta Force, to police the rest of mankind on idea-logical grounds.THE WEST VIEW OR VIEWS ON THE RUSSIA TODAY.The economy of Russia today is a laborer, the educational system creates destitutes and the security system is nothing but a criminal challenging the rights The West has over it whilst seeking rights over the West(on immigrational grounds that is).

    You will have all the rights in this world but no freedom at all but that of a prey.

    It’s seen by the minor Asians as white race managed, an axe to their progression as an authority before mankind.