Che Guevara
His beginning and conflicts is about the question of faith other than poverty, like the biblical Saul, he persued western interests like a wounded, hungry lion in search of a prey which gained him notority amongst the south american communist cult leaders, he was eventually ushered into the cult as their scribe. With the added prestige as the scribe of this cult, he waged far worst vegeance on western interest blinded by the puppeteering hold of the Soviet Union on him and to some extent the monarchial Great Britain, an eye saw to the United States of course. He eventaully become a cult on his own brand of idealized meaning to the life philosophy. His worst nightmare was to find later in life that he had lost faith with reality, related to some extent by his own dreams and visions. But as Saul did turned back on his attacks and repented of his crimes in Jesus mighty name, he never gave up hold on his grounds as an enemy of the western democracy, demonised in his scope of taughts, it was till death do him part of this his association with the eastern faiths which he later realised was much against his faith just as he had taught the western faiths were and had fought tirelessly against.


Adolf Hitler

From his rullership to his supremacy with Nazi Germany, his life was like a journey of no return.

He in a tale was like a demon killer who could not dissociate between a demon and a demon possessed being, he went about killing demons and slaughtering human beings even though he had the power and the authority granted him by his maker to disposses all human beings off demons[thus not killing the the human beings, but the demons to allow the human beings to either accept or decline christianity].

In the end he became a slave of the demons consummed beyond measure in the darkness of these demons, he thus became a demon and a slave of the darkness he once faught against as an enemy.

Nazi is the literate Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Jewish holocaust was John the Baptist preaching the coming judgement of God through Jesus Christ on mankind. Just as John the Baptist was beheaded so was Nazi destroyed in the world war II which was the head of Nazi(the world war two)with the Allied forces being the prevailing Judaism. The Axis forces on the other hand were the disciples of Jesus ChristNazi.

Fidel Castro
His state of affairs as a communist dictator as his story line unfolds is not real or is a mirage to speak the lest about him and the Cuban democracy but rather an idolation of communism, he is thus a satelite reflecting or relaying the profecies of communism on Cuban interests. He is thus nicked an illitrate of the western democracy.

Fulgencio Batista
Amongst all true blacks or asians and americans there were some who were said to have the seed of betrayal in them, this seed of betrayal is the white lineage in all these species of human beings and he was one. They were called the “Black Mask” by their white folks regardless whether they were asians or true blacks or americans, he was one hiding under the colored skin as a white, although he had lineage with the white race, he was like the eagle found in the duckling nest who later discovered his true nature as an eagle not a duck and flew off to join the eagles.

Hawaiian Kingdom Government

The Hawaiian Kingdom Government[1] is a rebel leader of the Hawaiian people’s quest for freedom of their ancestral lands from the United States of America.

Unfortunately for The Hawaiian Kingdom Government, it leadership has hit the rocks in the quest as it comes against the might of the Queen of England or Great Britain(who is the bed rock United States of America).

Legend has it that it has to defeat the seat of Queen of England or Great Britain before that freedom will be granted it and the Hawaiian people which of course means it thus therefore afterwards becomes the WORLD LEADER or the ANTI-CHRIST or the NEW WORLD ORDER.

From me I say, “May God Almighty have mercy it and its quest to free the Hawaiian people and grant it his wishes”

Hawaiian Kingdom Government –

1. “We envy and will abide by it, the administrational dominace that the United States of America have over us i.e. the democratic rule or democracy in the supreme interest of the United States of America”

2. “But we also hate and abhor the Whitehouse supreme occupation of our ancestral lands by the United States of America, it is slavery i.e. the colonialization of Hawaii as a territory of the United States of America”

3. “The only hope we have in this quest of ours is to accept the freedom Washington is offering us over the other US states in exchange for as much rights Washington has over Hawaii”


The whole quest is on the economic resources of Hawaii or the Hawaii Kingdom Government which is feeding the rich US government or Whitehouse in Washington to the detriment of the hungry and poor Hawaii Kingdom Government.

That is the Hawaii Kingdom Government is allowed only a check deposit form only access to its economic resources account paid by the rich US government or Whitehouse in Washington at or with the rich US government or Whitehouse in Washington on their economic resources as a territory of the United States of America which otherwise would have been a cash deposit form or a treasure off the taxes of the administration of the Hawaii Kingdom Government.

Joseph Stalin
To his opponents and proponents he was an insult that could not be tolerated, but I think he was an angel.

John F. Kennedy
The sad end to his passive life and style of leadership, autocratic in sight was the darkness in the White House no light could cut through to reveal its nature or secret not even laser, the end of all wars, the armageddon.


Kofi Annan

To his opponents he was just a test of the african will on the world map and yet he failed to lift the image of africa to that of europe, the standard, he instead favoured western interest.

To his proponents he was unfit to post such a figure as the United Nations Secretary General because he was seen as illitrate.


Kwame Nkrumah

Well, he didn’t know that his stand on the freedom of all blacks from colonial rule based on the overwhelming presence of the western rule or supremacy was the perfect tool the western democrats needed to ensure their hold on african and the rest of the black world in the effect the conflict of interest between him and his followers the western democrats was the trap they the western democrats just needed to ensnare the minds of all blacks or africans from the eastern world or block or the Communist Soviet Union or Russia in a very bleak and hopeless future in or under Communist rule or Communism.

One reason why democracy is flourishing in africa and the rest of the black world.

Mikhail Gorbachev
He is a projectile of the image of the Communist USSR or its idealogy or philosophy.


Jerry Rawlings

He was born a royal(the royalty was the peace of mind in his private life), but there was a war(racism)before him as he was growing up and this war took away the peace of mind in his private life, in its placepoverty(a public disgrace and a crush on his royalty till this day).

His life story is like that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who in fear of his crucifixion joined Pontius Pilate to rule Jerusalem, he later however in the course of time became Moses to the Jews and fought on their side for their freedom under the Egyptians. He as time went acting as Moses to the Jews, got power drunk to challenge God, hence he knew no peace till this day, that peace of course has been his heart most desire since childhood under Kwame Nkrumah, to see blacks and whites united with one accord i.e. Ghana with one destiny i.e. the flag of Ghana.

To him his black lineage is a disease or an infection he contracted from his father through his mother and this lineage was counted of him literate or one with literacy which created him an image of a personality cult or a leader, which won him souls into this society called the National Democratic Congress, a political party in Ghana today..

He was a slave of the Western Democracy, he tried to upstage the said Western Democracy as a coupist only to be consummed by the said Western Democracy into a line in the hold of a puppeteer, the WesternDemocracy. The puppet here of course is the age old Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast.

And as a coupist “GODFATHER” is his slogan. “GODFATHER” meaning, the end of all men and may God have mercy on him.

His later days as practicing Western Democrat was suicidal to his heart felt love for his soul.

In the kingdom of slavery and enslavement, he regarded himself as a slave master, totally disregarding the black African skin colour in favour of the white European skin colour.