Ghana a former British colony in Africa formerly called the Gold Coast is a poly ethnic country of diverse heritage. It is an oasis to its many cultures.


The Europeans landed on the shores of Ghana, the then Gold Coast, to trade, the Europeans were on voyages to ensure all round leadership of all that is known to them, in the course of the transactions, the indigenous became alien to the Whiteman’s proposal and misinterpreted the proposal to mean a gesture of peace and unity that exist between the Blackman and Africa, unaware of the Whiteman’s hostile intention of taking that peace and unity that exist between the black man and the land, Africa.

Upon seeing the Blackman’s luck of self dignity in respect to his culture, it became easy for the white man to diffuse the peaceful intention of the Blackman to succumb to his leadership.

With better understanding between the Whiteman and nature in terms of the advancement of science and religion, it became easy to ensnare the minds of this primitive, so to speak but backward thinking Blackman to succumb to his leadership, which he succeeded with little resistance in terms ownership of the land as the Blackman sold it to the Whiteman as much as he(Whiteman) wanted to buy including his fellow human beings(Africans of course).

In course of time and the development of the Blackman’s land with the help of the advance scientific know how and religious beliefs of the Whiteman, conflict of interest arose as of who owns the land, as white man used abusive and offensive methods of actually taking even the traditional seat or occupancy of the Blackman, his sole authority enshrined in his culture.

Such methods were slavery(i.e. the forcible usage of the Blackman’s resources to the advancement of the course of the development of the Whiteman without acknowledging the Blackman’s contribution to the development of the Whiteman’s land and the Whiteman’s world or the imposition of the will of the Whiteman on the Blackman’s course of development i.e. colonialism) and colonialism(colonialism in my point of view is the mirroring of an image by another image without any resemblance at all, but only to gain publicize).


In the case of Ghana, which graduated from the point of slavery to the point of self actualization(i.e. the understanding of the Whiteman’s way of life and development) on 6th March 1957 i.e. the day of independence from Great Britain. After independence, there was peace, perfect peace and harmony between the Blackman’s course of way and the Whiteman’ course of way, since there was no point in time where the was any struggle or conflict of interest between the Blackman and the Whiteman’s course, because at this point, the Blackman has moved from the point of a laver into a fly with the ability and the freedom to do as it wishes without interfering in the course of way of another country i.e. it held sovereign rights.


Kwame Nkrumah’s course of way of seeking the total liberation of all black countries or Africa under colonialism was as it were his own personal ambition, which of course might have caused his demise by the hand Whiteman in the February 24, 1966 coup.

After Kwame Nkrumah, there was the consolidation of power by the successive governments with the Whiteman’s view of advice of prime importance until the January 13, 1972 coup that sent Ghana into the dark ages of civilization, the law was abandoned for the course of wealth gain. The Blackman then became God, as with the Blackman-Whiteman relationship, there were winning and dinning at all turn of events especially the elderly, leading to the detriment of the youth.


The youth in question of what is going on at the top of power play, that does not seek the development of the youth but the fulfillment of the desires of the elders, took the power away from the elders in 1979 mutiny and the June 4, 1979 coup.

The youth being so young in understanding the way of the world which the elders have enshrined onto them, made a lot of mistakes in the light of the world which caused bitter sentiments and now horrific memories of the past.

The resultant confusion of what to do next after the demise of the elders, through odd means led to the December 31, 1981 coup, of the PNDC era.

The NDC followed PNDC through the ballot box, until the 2000 election when Ghana saw a new face in terms of governance, in the NPP.

KUFFOUR ADMINISTRATION2001 – 2009The Kuffour Administration of 2001-2009 showed alot of hatred towards teh economy which The Kuffour Administration viewed as white estate. The economy was in the educational system of Ghana and in the national heritage of Ghana. This hatred was expressed by The Kuffour Administration in the views of economic slavery that is The Kuffour Administration saw the economy generating to a slave of the blacks to white estates again. This economic slavery was bowed to in the Rawlings Era, worshiped in The Kuffour Administration and in the future of things to come going to be accepted by the sucessive administrations or administrators of Ghana.

The only way The Kuffour Administration tried to control this economic slavery was in the promotion of the love for racism in his administration and this love for racism by The Kuffour Administration led it to promote the Ghanaian cultural system as national security, an axe it acted against the white culture in the births of the white culture in religion(Christianity) and as a result The Kuffour Administration may be viewed as Anti-Christ.