In Democracy leadership aids the leader through criticism and that is Capitalism.




It is a peaceful solution to life’s problems and a hightened state of power struggle in tha society reflects the cracks in the societal fibre or foundation i.e. its chaos or disolution.

It is like a mathemathicalequation which is formulated as follows:


The value of these reactants or data input will or does determine the sign of the operation or equation whilst the position of the reactants are fixed with respect to that of the product eg. if the value of PEACE is less than that of WAR the sign becomes addition(+) and if the value of PEACE is greater than that of WAR the sign becomes subtraction(-).

An increase in the value of POWER shows negative trend of events in the society whilst a decrease in the value of POWER shows the positive trend of events.

It is a scale calle POWER with its two collecting bins for weighs labeled PEACE and WAR which are empty and ballanced. Power struggle tilts in either a PEACE weigh down or up or a WAR weigh down or up depending on which bin is loaded with its required contents of either PEACE or WAR.

A weigh up of PEACE bin and a weigh down of WAR bin loaded reflects the resultant commmotion of WAR eminent or at hand.

A weigh down of PEACE bin loaded and a weigh up of WAR bin reflects the resultant settlements of PEACE before all and at preset or in the past state of affairs.

In the reflection of times present in Jesus Christ of Nazareth era as counted by the Holy Bible,

-a weigh down of PEACE bin reflects the prevailing Christianity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the society,

-a weigh down of the WAR bin reflects the colonial presence of the occupational Roman empire

-a ballanced scale of the PEACE and WAR bins reflects the POWER of the Jewish nation’s Judaism at hand.

It has practical applicationswhich unlike others which are weathery or are subject to changes in time and space thus eliminating civil unrest in the society and that is its adaptation of innocence and justification of course.

State of Affairs in in the developing world.
Once in full grip or hold on power bestowed on it under the democratic dispensation, the incumbent will lay claim to the seat of power for life whilst in power which will ginger on the opposition to think of the only alternative to it, war i.e. where coup detate has been made almost impossibility.

This will turn the opposition to the incumbent into enemies of democracy which they the incumbent have caused through so many devices of evil and deceit. The opposition from that point of view will yen to adoptCommunist-Socialist policieswhich will be an indignation to the West. The West in total commitment to the course of the incumbent will support any initiative by the incumbent bent on the destruction of the stand taken by the opposition in a bleak show case of the state of affairs of their(the opposition) so called savior in theCommunist-Socialist policies. The stand of the West often sends ripples down the camp of the opposition as they will have absolutely no formal backing or support what so ever from any government ruling under the tutelage of the Communist-Socialist policies.

This will compel them to accept the evils of democracy as the order of the day and the way of life. The incumbent upon the open and public acceptance by the opposition of the evils of democracy, will blackmail the opposition at every turn of events to as it were dampen their egos and spirits to bring every effort of survival of the opposition almost a mere impossibility, thus the incumbent will eventually succeed in its quest of ruling for ever(the however diffuse this by deliberate splitting of the camp into factions, where each faction breaks away to from another political party, yet underneath all their publize conflicts and disagreements, they work hand in hand secretly to achieve their aim of total dominance over the political sphere of life in that country.), that is of course possible where there is no inter partisan political marriages as in the social life i.e. no bridge of contact or communication on any fruitful front other than the total destruction of the other by the other.