“DARKCLOUD CLANDESTINE” is a demagogic and demonizing civilization school into the world of death, where the killings of the innocent blood is

  • a human right violation
  • a natural selection,
  • a witch-hunt and
  • a sacrilege

an eye of the SUPRONOMO ENTERPRISE into the world of death(darkcloud) and espionage(clandestine) and a Philosophy that can benefit society, aid search for peace and development.

17 November 2011 – Philosophy, the exercise of critical thought and freedom of expression, is vital in the search for lasting responses to the challenges of peace and development, a top United Nations official stated as the world body marked this year’s World Philosophy Day.
UN official



The Psychopathic Suspect
Imagine what it would be like to make everyday decisions without caring how your choices affected others and to live each day with the only goal being to elevate your insatiable self-worth.When telling lies or engaging in criminal activity you experience no guilt or remorse and you have such confidence in your ability to escape punishment that you lie at will; in fact, engaging in illegal behavior, and the thrill of getting away with it, becomes a driving force in your life allowing you to express superiority over others: Welcome to the mind of the primary psychopath.
The Esteem Motivated Offender
It is human nature to seek acclaim and recognition. Given the choice, most people would rather be well known and respected than an obscure outsider who is unimportant and ignored. Typically, this basic need is satisfied in socially acceptable ways. Some people excel in school, sports, or the arts. Others may perceive themselves as being a really good parent or spouse. Still others strive to be outstanding employees or civic leaders. There are individuals, however, who are unable to satisfy this basic human drive through socially acceptable behavior (or have an insatiable need to prove their superiority). Some of them become esteem motivated offenders.