In Communism leadership is aids the leader through recommendations that is Imperialism.

The spiritual bases of imperialism is Communism, it is the highest form of governance ever developed by man, an overview of the other half of man up to date or the notions and concepts attributed to the other half of man under the rule or authority of the other half of man over man.

The other half of man is or are all supernatural beings who were created or have developed with or without the hand of God under or independent off the Lucifer‘s private tutelage or satanism.

It is not entirely working under the tutelage of the other half of man but also to the total elimination of all doubt of conscience attributed to the other half of man which goes contrary to the perceptions and notions of man often called “THE POISON” or “THE VIRUS”.

It is a clear or the clearest or the most vivid testimony of all faith(food, clothing, shelter, education, employment etc.) of man and the contributions of the other half of man with or against that faith or wish of man.

Any point of interest under this form of governance is often called “HELL” i.e. a place where the likelihood of hearing or seeing some one observing to the dictates of the most high God is null or zero almost likened to paganism just like the story of the biblical prophet Daniel’s who nearly got eaten up but a hood of hungry lions observing his faith with the most high God or Yaweh.