The authority in fear of rebellion, protects and secure citizenship with ID cards, the ID card bearer acquires citizenship as an inheritance which creates any one born without inheritance a slave and an alien to be alienated.

Any one not a citizen be that person an alien or native does not deserve to be given the due right and its privileges and the due recognition with its necessities is called a slave, and that person warrants no respect called Human rights and the violation and the denial of the person’s human rights is not illegal but legal and the authority supervising the violation and the denial of the person’s human right cannot be prosecuted for any crime of human right violation.


The powers that be uses these tools of blackmail to disenfranchise will be citizens or the de facto stateless person, thus denying them their right to the ID card which says  they are citizens or can use to claim citizenship.

These tools of blackmail are:

  • orphanage – where the parents are killed to 
  • criminal records – crime commited
  • poverty – made poor and poorer
  • deviant behaviors – anti-social vices