Delta Force: Land Warrior

Action packed power play, no excitement or jubilation at it end, its all fight to the end, its fun, eye popping, marsia.

If you have alot of time to play you will find its navigation more difficult than the game itself i.e the shooting, it woven into network of nots and mase.

Selection of weaponery of high importance here since each game has its own unique scenery and adaptational attributes which is best suited for certain weapons.

Selection of any game is of no importance here since each game has its own story to tell. Best to play it like an alian on mission to another planet unknown to it.

Shooting is true to reality in certain respects, you actualy aim and shoot to kill, than hitting without aim, i.e. it feels like a real gun in your hands with its shooting effects and its side effects, like trowing off the gun when the weight on it is lower than its load.

Sounds is also true to reality, you hear as it sounds even at your back. Best you listen.

Imagery is off high quality here, but with little unseen ghostly imagery underneath it.

The game is your game when you buy it, you are the hero and the enemy is in your hands, you win to keep the enemy out.

Yours if you want to fight the enemy, at your own mercy, there is no law in it than your own law, your are the judge of your enemy, its up to you to judge him right or wrong and if you realy want to play it, then the enemy is at fault here and you must win at all cost.

Without you there is no law, and the enemy wins solong as you lose.

King 6 is fantastic, without him or his assistance, you will be in very wild mase or on the middle of Sahara desert. His instructions are like oasis for those in need of help.

Over all a win is possible and a loss is also easy to come by.


World of Warcraft

Emotional heroic ecstasic scens of the world of the unknown battling demons and sorcery at its best aided by the prophet.

You as a human or not, its fight for survival. Its like world of doom of demons where there is no light and you are the light as the hero here.
Its like eclipse of sun in the world.

But seems the light seems to shine on you, with the exclusion of all others so long as they are not of the light as by the prophecy of the prophet.

The prophet leads you on as your eyes in the darkness most darkest night in the world. You conquer to extend your empire or to defend little stock you have from encroachment from the demons.

You as the hero have 4-5 guardians, which you use to clear your path in your quest in the unknown. They are under your control but are independent of their lives, i.e. they fall when their energy runs out, unlike you who have special attributes and gifts to re-energize you on the way.

As of the development of the game, where human’s leave with non human’s who have an added edge over demons in battle to destroy them, in a world of doomed demons who only seeks to destroy and create disorder and confusion.

It is passionate with emotional scenes which will really move you as you play along, which counts for the popularity of the game, any new player never forgets of what he or she has seen or heard.

It is highly strategic, it’s no joke or child’s play here, every step in the way you think of what to do, less the demons out think you to over come you.

If you are of POWER PLAY, you will stand the chance to build your faith here, as you might come against demons in real life much greater for you handle or easy to trample over, like Johny Quest.

Just like bricks, you might be building your faith of destroying it, it’s up to you to decide you fate and faith, to follow the prophecy and the prophet in a world of unknown where trust is of high importance here.

Quake 4

G – U N I T E !
Full mode downloaded amo to upload and unload, mashing mortal combat
straight to the finish, exciting.

Exiting and inviting introduction, don’t rush its your kill.
Full mode downloaded amo to upload to unload on guards.
Full of twists and turns of interlocking masses and labyrinths.
Full of deadly and suicidal sidesteps and traps.

I wish it was real, like it will look bulky with all that loaded amo, just like the COMMANDO movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Heavily armed guards ready to kill, with added aid if you want to go into the waters.

Amo looks like the combination of delta force and hellbender, play.
It’s rough with sun dust, mars or what.

Red hot pepper, shivering ghostly appearance.

speed increase with difficulty, best you climb, with added advantage of insight, go slow.

Lots of gifts to refresh up with, take it , don’t get bored.

Chase before your are chased, kill.

Monster Truck Madness

Nuclear reactor, full fission-fussion sequence initiated. Mud guard installed, gripping tire to follow forever, and ever.

Really cool to drive, relaxing eye popping scenes, unlimited maneuvering. You never run out of fuel, ignition is always on, hop in and enjoy the ride, make sure safety is sured. It is rough with mad stunts.

Go faster than all to win, slow down at curves, avoid accidents. Beginner don’t get confused, it is just a car, forget about your eyes and use the road.

Rocky, getting bored you probably need a challenge, may be you should go for a real text drive.

Expert, win if you can, can’t win then you are just a player. Don’t retreat, lots of cheats.

Oh! you like the snowy weather, just fine, don’t forget the road or you will get stuck, or the rains feeling lonely and bored and in need of some action. Chase the road first before you chase a car.

Brushing shoulders, side-kicking, don’t forget your horn, watch your speed.
You got views, left, right, behind and in front.

You got wind, it is your choice of car for a sure bet win. It is funny the odds is against you as a beginner, for you as an expert and even as a rocky.

Learning curves, use your opponent to make up time, don’t time your self.

Graphics, it is a blind fold, you create graphics with your ride like a pencil, draw it nicely for a future clip. Wow! don’t forget to save a win for a future clip.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Darkcloud clandestine!
The collectors game of all time and ages. It is a tale of adventure and barbarity of heart most desire.

Diablo is my heart:
For all that have seen and come short of the glory of God, to follow not God but Mormon, it is a trilogy here, either you
-take your eyes of the money and wait on God
-or die trying to make money walking away from God’s light
-or join the demons in their bloody thirst for flesh and power and money.

The demons will hate you for the light in you, you are between the devil and the deep blue sea here, get eaten up or die trying to fight them. It is doom for Quake, you are surrounded at all angles. You only have time not your life on your side, because you are dead in their site if you dare fight against them and they are ready to burry you in their stomach, to rotten shit in the guther.

Diablo is Jesus Christ, he is the only one of all lost in this darkness of time to stand up to the task of eliminating eye saws in that of his eyes, his apple. Encounters on the way are prayers and supplications of those in torments and under these demons of age and time.

Diablo is holy, like the sun, you have to keep burning to enlighten your path in this darkness of time. To burn here means to keep killing until all demons are gone dead. To keep you holy and free of this demons are lots of gifts of weaponery and tokens to burn with.

Diablo is God, like the biblical floods of waters of Noah’s, it is the reclamation of all that was lost to that which is and was lost by whom who owns it, by the sword of hatred and vengeance, and those on bord are at the mercy of the demons.

“May God have mercy on Joseph if he betrays Him and mercy on Israel if it says it doesn’t know Him”


It is shakey!
With you as Jesus, death invites you for war.
A peaceful entry to the realm of death at one’s own will.

A land once peaceful for all has now turned into death trap for all.

It is a no man’s with hostile air borne and cave borne predators. Hostile enemies from all angles, it takes the fastest brains to unsettle them and take them out.

Huge and mini hostiles on coalition patrol with the same purpose and intention to eliminate you on your encroachment. It is a very dirty game, the taught of it is even haunting than the attempt to actually play it.The hostiles in the caves are like worms on a free rotten apple.

With speed and precision one wins against the worms, but it is very difficult to take out the air borne predators.

It is a trail of the unknown path in cyber space which traces itself without your knowledge, where ever the ease may arise.

With full chain reaction sequence initiated, it takes only the adjustment of the control rods to increase or decrease speed. It is best you don’t waste your fuel or they will take you out once their fuel are down, there is no telling of where they are coming from.

Navigational aid of high calculations in cyber space ot just mere movement at will, is installed. No invitations are given but just in case you drop in, in self derailment don’t forget your navigational aid when going out, or you might just be in a state of Brownian motion with no cause under bombardment at all angles.

When your locus is reached be sure to clear out all coordinates, like the DNA, each locus has its own unique scenery of the same predators and worms.

With views at all angles and cutting wings to dodge waves, with blistering heat of flames at each fall and hit.

Armed with what to do and where to go missiles and launchers which you reload onwards at each locus with coordinates checked.

The music sounds will take your mind of all things but to concentrate on a kill. Nukes give a free fast flow of movement between coordinates at locus, the fuel holds you down to think, the faster you go the faster the rate of fuel consumption, you can use the nukes to cover up when fuel drops down.

It is peaceful at last at coalition patrol waiting for assistance, all is yours for the taken.

2006 FIFA World Cup

Players frozen in their rank and file, with 3 MIBs on field 2 on sidelines and 1 in the centre of affairs, its kick off!

Choosing kit and teams, lots of kits of colours and teams to switch to, keep the light on the team of choice to give boosting start up to finish. Spain my favourite is star starked side with all in all players to deliver the goals to your satisfaction just like the real game of play on TV, relax as coach and play your players to the sort of soccer you know them off or sort of soccer you will want them to play.

You can save a winning game to sell to the teams afterwards for a board room discussion of your video by the coach with the players to have a better assessment of themselves against themselves as their life is for the stakes here, probably on death roll.

Kick off time!
Team with the ball are awake and the team without the ball are asleep only to be wakened by the opposing team by the ball just like an electric bell. Sleeping team in defense of on an early upset of conceding a goal rush on the opposing team with the ball to take it away just to do likewise to the opposing team in defense posture.

With left, right, forward and back movements of the players on hold like puppets with you as the puppeteer. The game controller is the string holder whilst the commands or control keys for the game set up are the strings.

Style of play?
Well I like “To love you more…” of Celine Dion’s “Let’s Talk About Love”. It flows like an equalizer of a sound system, higher peaks are achieved by louder sounds whilst lower peaks are achieved by lower sounds. push forward to score a goal with the opponents movement on mind who will try to impede your movement, with cohesion and balanced ball passing will help you to dribble through your opponent’s defence before you beat the keeper to score. Fouls are committed with or without you as culprit, and free or penalty kicks are awarded by the MIB in the centre.

The MIBs are electronically aligned so that questions of of bias officiating or wrongful judgement of course are eliminated. The ball is a fool and will dance to your tune of play if it is good. The pitch is normal with rains, snow or clay if you want it to be. The lines are cut out marked as seen on pitch for guidelines.

Substitute a player for a player or players for players if you want. The time is on from start to finish, injury time added plus extra time if the need arises.

You can play a league as Real Madrid or a tournament as you as Spain with Raul as captain or less to speak a continental club tournament.

It is jubilation as normal for a scored goal of which is a replay, match is in two halves as normally timed up.

It is seductive and addictive to play, hope you get all your schedules checked before playing.