Forget all you have heard about it, Forget all you know of it, This is it…

It existed unseen location in a place in space, then there was the bond dissociation energy applied on it by God Almighty, the fission reaction and also the forward reaction, the fusion reaction and also the reverse reaction, the deduction was magnetism and the induction was black body radiation.

Animals are creations of God dependent on plants.
The sun rises and forth its rays on my green house, the rays then felled on my beds giving it the right temperature for germination, I then watered my beds and then sowed my seeds of choice in them, the seeds then germinated into plants or seedlings which I transported to my cultivation fields which finally bored fruits of which I sold out as commodities of exchange on the open market fields, this is the energy that drives me on to and fro TOW everyday.



The love for money make us sin and this sin make us unacceptable before God because of Lucifer, that whom we serve in our love for money, the root of all evil.

Heal the world meditation

It’s is very hard to heal the wounds afflicted on you for no reason
at all, for no cause at all just because you seem to be in the
opposite magnetism to the contrary point of view of the attacker.

I think it is best we/you heal our minds to stand against the attacks
of the opponents by tuning into the voice of our maker(GOD) and drift
towards HIS calling on our lives instead of following our eyes to
deceive us as of any importance in any respect to HIM(GOD), that way
the call for the ‘HEAL THE WORLD MEDITATION’ will be achieved.