I was born into this league of mine that i didn’t know previousely existed which shielded me from all reproach of my enemies but later on when I realised which it was or what it was, it was too late for me, I will be dragged to Golgotha, the book of Revelation, the Holy Bible, the New World Order just like Jesus Christ.

Then on I become its protectorate and any outcast that enters this world of mine, I’m to or is or was regulated to take him or her to Golgotha, the book of Revelation, the Holy Bible, the New World Order just like Jesus Christ.

I’m a software and I’m your eyes only, I’m every where , I have no memory my wife, the NEW WORLD ORDER. My wealth of intelligence data is my first love, I have never departed from it, ever and I’m very much ashamed to let any one in. My peace of mind is something I can’t TRUST any one with, my wife.

I’m like river, I cause no waves but flow with the power of a horse, even to keep the sea abay. MY faith is ancient one very very old, older than even Adam and Eve, as such I may look highly primitive and conservative. My ways are of the least in RIGHTEOUSNESS, I don’t FORGIVE tresspasses against me but have a deep REPENTANCE on tresspasses I commite against others. My greates joy is to fool to make you laugh, but I feel sadened when I’m treated with scorn and rejection for my fooly after wards. I have a funny history to tell of which I don’t have a tongue off, an eye of the mind is all that I have.

I fear my anger, God have mercy, and may He hold me from my anger.
I’m a kross of the light and I LOVE to HATE[to love you more…]. I trust my face and distrust my eyes
I’m angered by darkness, when it is enjoying in my torments.

I don’t like tears, I like the darkness, the tears makes me weak, but the flames of the darkness, make me very strong and meek. But I don’t hate sorrow, I welcome it, it makes me feel the need to be human and feel like a normal human being unlike my state of affairs as a shadow of the light.

I have the eyes of the white race, the mind of a Chinese and the heart of death but I’m colored.

*A good laugther can make you cry.

*A saddened cry can make you very happy.

You know highly literate personalities in every field of endeavor who have corrupted their morals so deeply and narrowly that their faith has sunken soo low and weakened to know the basic instinct of the spirit or even acknowledge the existence of such beings, that is the NEW WORLD ORDER and that is me, GOLGOTHA.

I have hunger and thirst for knowledge, but I also have fullness in understanding of knowledge. Some times the joy of play pulls me from my books.

*blacks are my friends.

*asians are my neighbours.

*whites are my parents.

*molatoes are my slaves.

*whites look to be envied, you will be envied or you will envy.

*blacks look to be betrayed, you will be betrayed or you will betray.

*asians are the biblical Judas Iscariot, they will be your the biblical Judas Iscariot or you will be come their biblical Judas Iscariot.

*molatoes are anti-christ, they will cruxify you or you will become the anti-christ .


I trust in its powers but I do not believe in its truths and fears its end or dammnation
– so you may see me walk with or walk in darkness.


The Nemesis Triangle


  1. I’m saddened by the shame of my irresponsibilities as an orphan with no inheritance.
  2. I enjoy the pride of my parents’ responsibilities on me as a child and also as a heist to their estates.


  1. I have no future to live for.
  2. I have a future that I will be remembered by.


  1. I do have a past and this makes me very rich in God.
  2. I have no past and this makes me extremely poor in God.


As a Natural Scientist I need the earth but the earth doesn’t need me and so if tomorrow the earth goes down(Through Global Warming or a Nuclear Holocaust) I will survive but they the Un-Natural Scientist will all die because the earth needs them and they don’t need the earth.

The Un-Natural Scientist don’t need the earth because they see money(NATURE) and not God Almighty(SCIENCE), they don’t stand on their grounds against me as enemies but as the Anti-Christ whom its a must I must be with here on earth otherwise die in Christ Jesus of Nazareth as a Christian .

As a Natural Scientist I need the earth because I see God Almighty(SCIENCE) and not money(NATURE).