There is a this big Question Mark? on him and his achievements before Africa/Black Color.
The Africa/Black Color rejects him, Lil Wayne, because, the Africa/Black Color will not bow to him as a god,
he being seen by Africa/Black Color as weak and not strong.
Any way the African Market is owned by White Production Houses,
who will not let him eat off the African Market Fields,
hence his little acknowledgment before Africa/Black Color unlike other popular Africans


HipLife is a musical dance form in Ghana, a fusion of the local Ghanaian dialect in the American HipHop sounds, a bridge sot of between the American HipHop and the growing market of the American HipHop among the youth in Ghana.

HipLife is a musical society in Ghana of which its future is in doubt without market to sell in out Ghana.

It’s taught that its lyrics accounts for its unpopularity among the general public in Ghana but it’s otherwise an alien culture to the Ghanaian general public of HighLife music.

It’s seen as a foreign sound in a native African cultural dance and dialect, could be pictured as classic music being danced to in the African dance like the Asante’s Adowa, making it look dis-joint hence its decline it popularity in Ghana.

The HipLife Society exits as a bunch of will be HipLife Stars and not as seen or will be seen by the general public as marketable product with such markets as that of the High Life music and

* almost all the new and the old HipLife Stars have all joined the HighLife society or are fussing HighLife and HipLife together in their production to sell them off.
* or digitizing the local Africa Music sounds(played with the local Africa Music instruments-Afro beat/AfroHipHop) fused with the American HipHop sounds to create that market for HipLife