The Property Of The Trade Mark.

A New World Order.
This man is soaky rich and wealthy and his riches and wealth made him ahousehold name(the trade mark) and he never wished any one to use hisname(property) to make any money any where in this world on any sphere of conscience what so ever.
And This Is Anti-Christ Indeed.

The Woes of the World’s Richest Man : Why!

Ever since I become a billionaire and the world’s richest man, every taught provoking WORD I say is being used a REGISTERED ACRONYM for this or that Company for this or that PRODUCT.

Why! [WHY!, is a big time registered acronym for this company in New Jersey which deals in T-shirts]

Just recently a lots of his familiar faces are popping up just to have a share of his fame and glory.

Science and Religion

Satanic influences on us, Cyber Space and beyond.

There seems not much talk or questions on the Satanic influences the journey through time and Cyber Space.

The civilized opener for mankind was religion of faith very much not in advancement of science then, the only light then.

On the first stand, it was Satanic to challenge God on any ground about HIS creation by the religiously inclined, an act worth punishable by death, science was then a part of religion, a sub-set of religion known as visions or prophecies from these gods or God.

Until the greats come about with all these theories to prove to totality the truth about the correlation between science and nature, in vivid live eyes of all who did not know on its prio existence, such as the Isaac Newtons Laws on Gravity.

So how far have we come with the first taught of science(a challenge to God most high by mankind) as being satanic , some thing worth kept secrete other than in the light of the world.
Have we now abandoned religion in is slavery to the gods or God to the rebellious science?

Where are we heading to with all these shock waves of that and that creation, be littling the prophets to beggers?

Who says its holy or evil?

What is evil if it could be used for good to the glory of God?

What is good if it could also be used to the glory of Lucifer?

Who owns what, man or God?

Is it manly to take what doesn’t not belong to us against God’s will to say its yours?

Is it Godly to be little the influences of Lucifer on our lives, to say where are you or where were you when I needed you most, about God most high?

Much I know about space!

“Corpus Theorem” Who knows if it is a star bursting with babies and shedding wastes.

Who knows of its nature to tell of its adaptation.

Who knows its state to measure its dimensions.

Does all that exits on earth all that exist.

Piracy, what if we are not alone, then whom are we to encroach upon it.

Let us not forget God to assume we are not alone.

” May God have mercy on Joseph if he betrays Him and mercy on Israel if it says it doesn’t know Him”

Blackbody Radiation: The big bung theory; Are we alone…

It was natural for Adam and Eve to reproduce as God commanded them to replenish the earth just like as a water bed underneath the earth crust overfloords its beds and burst its holds of earth to develop into a SPRING=a STREAM=a RIVER and eventually ends up into the SEA.

But unlike the sea which is salty and pouted, this one is like a magical wheel pull which disinfects it self just like a computer anti-virus software.