THE BLOGGER AS krossestine

THE BLOGGER AS krossestine

Welcome I’m krossestine and I just love Christianity so much I journeyed in searched of it’s roots beneath the sea, on the land, in the air, beyond natural space and even beyond cyber space and navigating 360′ round about the Holy Bible, I mapped it as follows in this Compass of my:
NORTH! – It faces the apocalypse in it’s love of mankind as against the hatred of the Anti-Christ on mankind.
NORTH-EAST! – It faces poverty in it’s military arming up against the Anti-Christ.
EAST! – It faces blackmail on it’s occupational grounds against the Anti-Christ.
SOUTH EAST! – It faces illiteracy in it’s spiritual defence off the spiritual attacks of Lucifer and his demons.
SOUTH! – It faces the temptation of following the wealth of money as against the wealth of the commandments of God.
SOUTHWEST! – It faces confusion in the powers of the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit.
WEST! – It faces suicide in it’s battle against Satanism in it’s poverty.
NORTHWEST! – It faces the wrath of God in the lust for glory with immortality here on earth.
POINT CENTRE! – It faces the fear of death in sin as against the purity of the soul in hope.
LOVE: The best place to show love is in the spirit of the heart and not in the body called lust, hunger and thirst are but greed and hatred.
WAR: It’s a confusion when it comes to the respect of liked species and an insult that can never be tolerated with respect to illiteracy of the innocent blood.
GOD: I think He doesn’t exist in the physical sense we dream of Him to be but rather like the breath of life or the oxygen we breath in and out and any one suffocating in this life here on earth is but out of favour with Him, He breaths within us all.
LUCIFER: I think he exist in the physical sense as we see things and not in the spiritual sense as we see things like ghost but a body like us living above his means like a thief.
EARTH: The shame of rotting in poverty with jewels and seeds in the psychic but with no foundation or markets to sell off or sow in, the betrayal of trust many call it and run away from it, after money in the end, it’s hell.
The faith is always envied by others and that’s the times we live in now and that also makes it HOLY, but the fate which is the spirit of being, is the space in the existence of a being which is always but a subject of provocation.
DEATH: It’s an excitement no body can ever resist, the body is food to others, fertilizer to many, the blood is wine to others, the body parts are used for organ transplant and above all the funeral is a big time employment venture to make lots of money and even develop it into a church like the Jewish Holocaust.
JESUS: A friend of no man with sin, a man with the love of sinning is but doomed beyond measure.
CREATION: A creation is a molecule, upon which nature can also create compounds, hence its mater, an act nobody knows it’s caurse or beginning except the Acknowledge Much About It.
HIT SONG : “Darkcloud Clandestine – A peaceful wait in our poverty which is but a waste in the affluence of our foes is a kill to their hearts most pleasures of sinning against God’s Commandments” .
FANS AND FAITHFULS : All over Europe, Asia and much of Arabian
ADMIRERS AND WATCHERS : All over Africa, the Americas and Delta Force.
BAND : Nazi(The prophecy of our faith is the heart of our souls and also the visions of our fate in this body as well as in our spirits)
COMMANDER : Eaglewhite007
CLOCKING TIME & SPACE : It’s all in the wind on Earth
FUEL : Holy Bible
“Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s God became a mirage and signs to many satanists, they saw God in the miracles but they later found God was not in the mirracles and signs but in the emptiness of the vacuum of the mirage and this vacuum is REPENTANCE” – By Nazi Supronomo From Jerusalem.
“This is krossesetine, the 7th freedom from ra breaks, back off”

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