THE BLOGGER AS darkcloudestien

THE BLOGGER AS darkcloudestien

Steel : Eaglewhite007
D A R K C L O U D !
In my FAITH, the only obstacle that stands in my QUEST as a curse is THIS DEATH, but I have vowed never to given in to THIS DEATH, which means I will never live to unleash my true potential in LIFE under THIS DEATH, the death of the innocent blood, my fate.
L U C I F E R !
He was before God’s throne with authority even over other angels but yet anytime there was the call to worship, He stood alone and watched in shock as all beings in heaven and on earth gather before God’s throne to worship Him.
He taught of Himself powerless of the authority bestowed on Him by God Almighty over other angels because He was not worshiped as God, but was as one with the rest of the angels and mankind before God’s throne at worship times to bow and worship God Almighty as the creator of this Universe.
And so, He began the crusade of damming and refuting the Authority of God over Him by God Almighty by gathering angels to worship Him also at worship times.
It was like this great church which has been split into two by the assistant pastor to create a new church beside the parent church.
This angered God and He banished Lucifer and the rest of His congregation to earth. But Lucifer didn’t stop there, He succeeded to win the first couple onto Himself through deception.
And till this day He rule the earth’s times as the overclocking leader in fate and the faith is His rebellious reign over mankind against God with the helping hands of His congregation of demons.
But all is not lost as there was this hope in Jesus Christ of Nazareth two thousand years ago and still in Him today, tomorrow and forevermore in His heavenly Jerusalem as His next in kin to God Almighty.
He will be born with a cause to kill, but instead will be given the Mercy Seat by his enemies and he will use the authority of the Mercy Seat to bring a curse of death on mankind, an act which will be in totalaberration to and with the Holy Trinity(of God the father, the son and the holy spirit ), which is but centred on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, hence Anti-Christ, a monarchy his reign will be on the rest of mankind till the end of time.
It’s a symbol of HATRED and the period of its manifestation is an empire with PEACE and LOVE, the PEACE is SATANISM and the LOVE is MONEY and SIN against the HOLY TRINITY as an enemy.
It is a vision of the HEART in its RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS and yet the RIGHTEOUS HEARTS are granted to a LIFE in eternity in HEAVEN and the UNRIGHTEOUS HEARTS also are granted to a DEATH in eternity in the LAKE of FIRE.
He is the alpha(the beginning of peace, unity) and the omega(the end of hatred, love), the first(obedience) and the last(unity), the way(to immortality), the truth(about God Almighty) and the light(to the blind in this world, consumed in the darkness of Lucifer).
He is the mystery man, that man in the ghost round and about us as the vital oxygen in the air we breath day in and out.
Is said to be dead when out of supply of vital oxygen, that is the space required to be counted among equals and peers.
It is home to all who need this vital oxygen to survive.
It’s an order with the authority and power to shield one’s pride and honour and also a fertile ground to grow as God Almighty to the Cursed and the Dreamer in slavery.
It is the unlimited natural time(i.e. darkcloud) and the limited supernatural time (i.e. the innocent blood).
“To make money, sweel flowing on your tongue like sugar, then that sweet flowing sugar hails form the mud”
As a Scientologist, I believe we all have the same fate as living things or organisms but our faiths differ which is the only way to IMMORTALITY here on earth and beyond but I associate mostly with Christians and The Christ Jesus of Nazareth.
“This is Darkcloudestien, the fear of space, the underworld, with no neighbour”

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