World of Warcraft

Emotional heroic ecstasic scens of the world of the unknown battling demons and sorcery at its best aided by the prophet.

You as a human or not, its fight for survival. Its like world of doom of demons where there is no light and you are the light as the hero here.
Its like eclipse of sun in the world.

But seems the light seems to shine on you, with the exclusion of all others so long as they are not of the light as by the prophecy of the prophet.

The prophet leads you on as your eyes in the darkness most darkest night in the world. You conquer to extend your empire or to defend little stock you have from encroachment from the demons.

You as the hero have 4-5 guardians, which you use to clear your path in your quest in the unknown. They are under your control but are independent of their lives, i.e. they fall when their energy runs out, unlike you who have special attributes and gifts to re-energize you on the way.

As of the development of the game, where human’s leave with non human’s who have an added edge over demons in battle to destroy them, in a world of doomed demons who only seeks to destroy and create disorder and confusion.

It is passionate with emotional scenes which will really move you as you play along, which counts for the popularity of the game, any new player never forgets of what he or she has seen or heard.

It is highly strategic, it’s no joke or child’s play here, every step in the way you think of what to do, less the demons out think you to over come you.

If you are of POWER PLAY, you will stand the chance to build your faith here, as you might come against demons in real life much greater for you handle or easy to trample over, like Johny Quest.

Just like bricks, you might be building your faith of destroying it, it’s up to you to decide you fate and faith, to follow the prophecy and the prophet in a world of unknown where trust is of high importance here.


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