Soldiers of Fortune

It flows with sweetness, kind that relax you in the heat, best for those on heat in search of coolant. Its like suicide.

Sweet flow, you kill and choose whom you want to kill. It’s a killing game for those in need of a kill to calm tempers.

Low runs, makes it very difficult. With guards on bullet proof uniform, you dare not waste your runs. You hit to kill, straight into the head.

If you runs runs out, just have to commit suicide against sea of guards. It’s like you are an island.

You can win if you kill, stay on you land, the sea is rough and cold, like Cold Harvest.

You don’t talk you just open your mouth, and I understand you kind of game.

Rains wash your tears of blood away just in case you get soaked in blood, because its bloody.

It’s very hard with icy guards.

Watch your runs, if it runs out, you are down and out in the colds.


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