Quake 4

G – U N I T E !
Full mode downloaded amo to upload and unload, mashing mortal combat
straight to the finish, exciting.

Exiting and inviting introduction, don’t rush its your kill.
Full mode downloaded amo to upload to unload on guards.
Full of twists and turns of interlocking masses and labyrinths.
Full of deadly and suicidal sidesteps and traps.

I wish it was real, like it will look bulky with all that loaded amo, just like the COMMANDO movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Heavily armed guards ready to kill, with added aid if you want to go into the waters.

Amo looks like the combination of delta force and hellbender, play.
It’s rough with sun dust, mars or what.

Red hot pepper, shivering ghostly appearance.

speed increase with difficulty, best you climb, with added advantage of insight, go slow.

Lots of gifts to refresh up with, take it , don’t get bored.

Chase before your are chased, kill.


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