New Super Mario Bros.

Super mario is the bodyman, he owns the game the game is his, you play it, you are playing mario the bodyman.

Royalty at is worst, Robinhood from grass to grace, it is worth fighting for, the salvation of the one you love the most at your life ends to your teeth end.It is an invitational gesture, gesture of love to you for loving gesture of appearance.

Hesitation, yet can’t stay there to be pinned down and out. Action,movement to kill and kill and kill like a bulldozer with crushing bones effect. With seemly impossible journey through out of the game, across its lenght and breath, there is always a dead end and a possible way out of every turn, slippery gathers of no return in case of a fall in.

Lots of give away points to win and tokens of life to spare, with silencers at every possible gain of lenght, you are sure to wade through the encounters with cheeky ease, only you loose your gun at wind breath to the encounters, be sure to give the encounters lots of space to avoid loosing your gun or silencer.

The Encounters!
Still coming to defend what is their’s from your encroachment, the encounters, flying or wingless, stationary needles on seat, killers by touch of wind breath, yet also very easy to be eliminated, keep out of their way or kill to make points for a possible sum up to life or 1UP. Take as many gold points as you can but remember the clock is ticking, be sure to collect the gold points at every turn as of when it become available to you and at your convenience and patience be patient and watchful because there are lots of hidden treasures of points to collect for a sum up to life or 1UP.

With the princes in sight, keep calm and maintain your composure as you pass the Bridge of Dragons to save her, but the war is still on so kiss up and feel up to move ahead to the next level or quit if you are bored of success, a game for the hungry to play for the riches of course, just like politics, here you are the party and if you feel bored, quit.

To beat the clock up to collect gold points, you can use the stairs of the lifts as and where and when they become available to you. Just like construction work of a sky scraper, the floors are the levels and the rooms of each floor are the stages of each level and the encounters are the workers.

Play super mario cart if you don’t like the idea of war in super mario, but ultimately it is still mario the super hero for you.


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