Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Combat, the holy war!
It is a two edge sword against that of an edge sword, a mind against that of a heart, on!.

Once upon a time there was holiness on the land earth devoid of all hatred and sin as taught and directed by the guardian angel or the gods of earth created by God himself for humans, with the presence of the good masters as guardian angels to protect it from being polluted by any external force of power contrary to the peace and holiness that prevails on the land earth.

There was out world with the virtual existence of demons and evil spirits, where there is nothing but chaos at its highest order, controlled by a league of demons with evil spirits as subordinates. These demons assume the power of creation images in the likeness of the God of earth and these evil spirits with special powers of attributes such as Rain, assume the role of subordinates where ever they may be needed to the demons, these evil spirits aren’t all that evil in this sense but does do good to others, even humans, they are evil in that they know at all that is between the demons and the guardian angels on earth and serve as a bridge of no return between the guardian angels and the demons.

The players or characters to choose from all have special powers and adaptational probabilities which they use in combat where ever the need arise.

You play it in four levels of 3 stages per match which are independent of each other, the score being collated for the eventual winner. Difficulty increases with each level from novice to …., with lots of cheats with each level lined up with a number of characters for possible challenge. You can play multi-player or challenge the game to a mortal combat.

With your health at maximum 100% which drops down to 0% until you are finished up into bones, repulsive bits of tuition here , choose your player with your heart at stake here if you are addicted to in in an obsessive game play.

It is a one stage with multiple background scenes in cyber sphere. Attractive costumes, ritually inclined introduction and religiously in faith characters of divers cultural and combatant backgrounds, it is real.
DNA mutational effects some accidental and others pure products of scientific ingenuity ta its worst in the worst form of betrayal and denial of the existence of the will of the human body as against that of the soul or the spirit of the human being.

These characters could be heroes to you as a player but they don’t exist in real life but locked up in science labs, zoos for experiments and sometimes in some religious cults for rituals, be careful you don’t insult the characters or it could happen to you. The new trilogy is as like this
-follow your heart to the one true God or maker and creator of this earth and universe or
-follow your mind to these realm of occult manipulations in the hands of these demons or
– just follow your body as yours only with sole will of having any effect on or to it regardless of who or what is above you.


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