Monster Truck Madness

Nuclear reactor, full fission-fussion sequence initiated. Mud guard installed, gripping tire to follow forever, and ever.

Really cool to drive, relaxing eye popping scenes, unlimited maneuvering. You never run out of fuel, ignition is always on, hop in and enjoy the ride, make sure safety is sured. It is rough with mad stunts.

Go faster than all to win, slow down at curves, avoid accidents. Beginner don’t get confused, it is just a car, forget about your eyes and use the road.

Rocky, getting bored you probably need a challenge, may be you should go for a real text drive.

Expert, win if you can, can’t win then you are just a player. Don’t retreat, lots of cheats.

Oh! you like the snowy weather, just fine, don’t forget the road or you will get stuck, or the rains feeling lonely and bored and in need of some action. Chase the road first before you chase a car.

Brushing shoulders, side-kicking, don’t forget your horn, watch your speed.
You got views, left, right, behind and in front.

You got wind, it is your choice of car for a sure bet win. It is funny the odds is against you as a beginner, for you as an expert and even as a rocky.

Learning curves, use your opponent to make up time, don’t time your self.

Graphics, it is a blind fold, you create graphics with your ride like a pencil, draw it nicely for a future clip. Wow! don’t forget to save a win for a future clip.


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