Microsoft Golf Version

An athletic body swing, a fantastic pair of hands on a good looking club to stroke down on a ball to a hole for victory.

Easy to play and very hard to win if you are a beginner. A business oriented mindset kind of game for those in heat or on heat and in need of a cool off at work places off the random insanity that goes on in and out of our work places, to the luxury of and comfort of brushing shoulders with the wealthy to do to play it in real or pro as in the ghettos of far away Soweto townships. It is like the biblical garden of eden of the old testament here you are more than Adam, yes you are in fact the tree of life as well as that of the knowledge of good and evil. The field is like Adam, it doesn’t matter just, play!. The locks or lock ups on the way in case you are not lucky are the sand holes and the bushes or the pools of waters are also Eve herself. The ball is nothing in this respect but Lucifer with the club or clubs being your sole authority on earth or the eden as Adam under God’s supervision.

Microsoft Golf, is the fastest game to learn to play to finish that I know of, it is as soft as a gentle flowing river yet it is a spring which could also be said to be a lake in wait at bay, it generates a powerful turn of flow to turn bins to effect a mechanic accuracy to ignite a stream of electrons to produce electricity at the least provocation.

With highly athletic looking players to excite you to swing or stroke as they do in real life of play. Unique scenery and advanced and enhanced graphic representation at its highest peak. Cool strokes of the ball to hole, with little or no effort but just a club of a mouse button to effect a stroke as gentle as one wants it or as hard as one can hit all regulated by on screen navigational aids.

Choose a player and difficulty to start with, with lots of clubs of dimensional probabilities at your disposal, it is very easy to free one’s self at lock uo points or positions in the little woods or bushes to the sandy pits. Off course the ball is rolled back into the field of play when in falls into the pools of waters to add beauty to the game to relax and conserve your energy as you play along to fine tunes of strikes of the ball with lots of clubs for easy and quick ease of strokes of the ball to perfect tuition on course if you want to learn of the game it self.

You can play as single or multi player in a tournament or on a training course. With gentle breeze of fine windy air blowing down the turf of play at the plush and luxurious turf know to man and made by man on earth up to date from the popular ones as in Monte Carlo to lesser known ones in South Africa.

Scores are collected at end of play for total submission for the declaration of the eventual winner of a hole.


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