It is shakey!
With you as Jesus, death invites you for war.
A peaceful entry to the realm of death at one’s own will.

A land once peaceful for all has now turned into death trap for all.

It is a no man’s with hostile air borne and cave borne predators. Hostile enemies from all angles, it takes the fastest brains to unsettle them and take them out.

Huge and mini hostiles on coalition patrol with the same purpose and intention to eliminate you on your encroachment. It is a very dirty game, the taught of it is even haunting than the attempt to actually play it.The hostiles in the caves are like worms on a free rotten apple.

With speed and precision one wins against the worms, but it is very difficult to take out the air borne predators.

It is a trail of the unknown path in cyber space which traces itself without your knowledge, where ever the ease may arise.

With full chain reaction sequence initiated, it takes only the adjustment of the control rods to increase or decrease speed. It is best you don’t waste your fuel or they will take you out once their fuel are down, there is no telling of where they are coming from.

Navigational aid of high calculations in cyber space ot just mere movement at will, is installed. No invitations are given but just in case you drop in, in self derailment don’t forget your navigational aid when going out, or you might just be in a state of Brownian motion with no cause under bombardment at all angles.

When your locus is reached be sure to clear out all coordinates, like the DNA, each locus has its own unique scenery of the same predators and worms.

With views at all angles and cutting wings to dodge waves, with blistering heat of flames at each fall and hit.

Armed with what to do and where to go missiles and launchers which you reload onwards at each locus with coordinates checked.

The music sounds will take your mind of all things but to concentrate on a kill. Nukes give a free fast flow of movement between coordinates at locus, the fuel holds you down to think, the faster you go the faster the rate of fuel consumption, you can use the nukes to cover up when fuel drops down.

It is peaceful at last at coalition patrol waiting for assistance, all is yours for the taken.


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