Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Darkcloud clandestine!
The collectors game of all time and ages. It is a tale of adventure and barbarity of heart most desire.

Diablo is my heart:
For all that have seen and come short of the glory of God, to follow not God but Mormon, it is a trilogy here, either you
-take your eyes of the money and wait on God
-or die trying to make money walking away from God’s light
-or join the demons in their bloody thirst for flesh and power and money.

The demons will hate you for the light in you, you are between the devil and the deep blue sea here, get eaten up or die trying to fight them. It is doom for Quake, you are surrounded at all angles. You only have time not your life on your side, because you are dead in their site if you dare fight against them and they are ready to burry you in their stomach, to rotten shit in the guther.

Diablo is Jesus Christ, he is the only one of all lost in this darkness of time to stand up to the task of eliminating eye saws in that of his eyes, his apple. Encounters on the way are prayers and supplications of those in torments and under these demons of age and time.

Diablo is holy, like the sun, you have to keep burning to enlighten your path in this darkness of time. To burn here means to keep killing until all demons are gone dead. To keep you holy and free of this demons are lots of gifts of weaponery and tokens to burn with.

Diablo is God, like the biblical floods of waters of Noah’s, it is the reclamation of all that was lost to that which is and was lost by whom who owns it, by the sword of hatred and vengeance, and those on bord are at the mercy of the demons.

“May God have mercy on Joseph if he betrays Him and mercy on Israel if it says it doesn’t know Him”


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