Delta Force: Land Warrior

Action packed power play, no excitement or jubilation at it end, its all fight to the end, its fun, eye popping, marsia.

If you have alot of time to play you will find its navigation more difficult than the game itself i.e the shooting, it woven into network of nots and mase.

Selection of weaponery of high importance here since each game has its own unique scenery and adaptational attributes which is best suited for certain weapons.

Selection of any game is of no importance here since each game has its own story to tell. Best to play it like an alian on mission to another planet unknown to it.

Shooting is true to reality in certain respects, you actualy aim and shoot to kill, than hitting without aim, i.e. it feels like a real gun in your hands with its shooting effects and its side effects, like trowing off the gun when the weight on it is lower than its load.

Sounds is also true to reality, you hear as it sounds even at your back. Best you listen.

Imagery is off high quality here, but with little unseen ghostly imagery underneath it.

The game is your game when you buy it, you are the hero and the enemy is in your hands, you win to keep the enemy out.

Yours if you want to fight the enemy, at your own mercy, there is no law in it than your own law, your are the judge of your enemy, its up to you to judge him right or wrong and if you realy want to play it, then the enemy is at fault here and you must win at all cost.

Without you there is no law, and the enemy wins solong as you lose.

King 6 is fantastic, without him or his assistance, you will be in very wild mase or on the middle of Sahara desert. His instructions are like oasis for those in need of help.

Over all a win is possible and a loss is also easy to come by.


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