Crash Tag Team Racing

Enter into the realm of real victorious team-up competition where everything or everyone is at odds with you, crashed!.

Full mode jet propulsion engine sequence initiated, steer gripped to ful capacity, missile quidance system engaged, the count down is on, 5,4,3,2,1 and 0, its a blast off to an exciting finish, don’t sleep. Riders with wheels like snowboards fitted with turbo power to fly off the ice when needed.

With navigational aids of a course map, number of laps and position onhold, it is very easy to play, run as fast as you can, to make up position or cross the finish line.

Riders with cardinal views of front, sides and rear, it is easy to control but watch your speed at turns, you don’t slip of course.

Scenery of graphic designs of high intense which makes you feel at home than just a player or gamer. The path is in twist and turns, with some, environmental changes of caves course, snow course, a cart race course etc for an all out assault.

The course is loaded with lots of presents and gifts, traps and blocks on the way to collect or dodge.

Wheels with missiles to clear off or knock out opponents in front. The path is not straight, it is slippery with blocks, watch your speed you don’t crash into the blocks.

It is the riders cup challenge of all time where all come together like a team and enjoy and share with the winner like one big family, just like the selection of a team captain to lift the celebration cup at tournaments or the presidential candidates elect of a political party, all party members lend in their support and weight behind the candidate elect.

Crash team racing, only the fastest, the deadliest, the meanest will survive to lift up the celebration trophy and the end, it is all joy and excitement of victory of fortune.


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