2006 FIFA World Cup

Players frozen in their rank and file, with 3 MIBs on field 2 on sidelines and 1 in the centre of affairs, its kick off!

Choosing kit and teams, lots of kits of colours and teams to switch to, keep the light on the team of choice to give boosting start up to finish. Spain my favourite is star starked side with all in all players to deliver the goals to your satisfaction just like the real game of play on TV, relax as coach and play your players to the sort of soccer you know them off or sort of soccer you will want them to play.

You can save a winning game to sell to the teams afterwards for a board room discussion of your video by the coach with the players to have a better assessment of themselves against themselves as their life is for the stakes here, probably on death roll.

Kick off time!
Team with the ball are awake and the team without the ball are asleep only to be wakened by the opposing team by the ball just like an electric bell. Sleeping team in defense of on an early upset of conceding a goal rush on the opposing team with the ball to take it away just to do likewise to the opposing team in defense posture.

With left, right, forward and back movements of the players on hold like puppets with you as the puppeteer. The game controller is the string holder whilst the commands or control keys for the game set up are the strings.

Style of play?
Well I like “To love you more…” of Celine Dion’s “Let’s Talk About Love”. It flows like an equalizer of a sound system, higher peaks are achieved by louder sounds whilst lower peaks are achieved by lower sounds. push forward to score a goal with the opponents movement on mind who will try to impede your movement, with cohesion and balanced ball passing will help you to dribble through your opponent’s defence before you beat the keeper to score. Fouls are committed with or without you as culprit, and free or penalty kicks are awarded by the MIB in the centre.

The MIBs are electronically aligned so that questions of of bias officiating or wrongful judgement of course are eliminated. The ball is a fool and will dance to your tune of play if it is good. The pitch is normal with rains, snow or clay if you want it to be. The lines are cut out marked as seen on pitch for guidelines.

Substitute a player for a player or players for players if you want. The time is on from start to finish, injury time added plus extra time if the need arises.

You can play a league as Real Madrid or a tournament as you as Spain with Raul as captain or less to speak a continental club tournament.

It is jubilation as normal for a scored goal of which is a replay, match is in two halves as normally timed up.

It is seductive and addictive to play, hope you get all your schedules checked before playing.


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