When I went for my first audition!

This is the questions and my responses.
JUDGES: what is your name?
ME: darkcloudestine!
JUDGES: borring!
ME:I’m a yoggist, and as a martial artist, I have fought and defeated Dolf Lungren, Jet Li, Mark Dacascos, Micheal Dudikov, Van Damme, Jacky Chan etc in hand to hand comabt.
ME:I have under gone military training, I can lead assault in let say a film like COMMANDO as Arnold.
ME:Al Pacino is my father, Celine Dion is my aunty, and they both love me well, ever since I was a kid.
ME:I can wear Invisible clog to kill people in their blind sight
ME:Barbara Bush is my secrete admirer, I have slept with Janifer Lopez before.
ME:the russian secrete service agents fear me to grieve, they run away when they see me coming
ME:I’m immortal just like Jacky Chan in the medalium and I can ignite my self to laser, the ALTIMATE ASSAULT WEAPON.
ME:hmmmm, there is nothing more to say then.



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