The traps of men!

THE HOLY SPIRIT: No, far too convenient and it rakes in a tremendous amount of cash with a minimal amount of effort.
John Hagee, is the new ‘king of the hill” since Scott died. H’s take
5.8 million per year.
Can you imagine how many millions his “ministry” takes in to give him
that portion.

ME: You mean this one,

The cultic attributes of modern day Christianity?
It could be true, Christianity today have became big
time cooperate market ventures where the decision
making at the top is only seated by big time cooperate
market leaders, i.e. only the rich or very wealthy are
given or accept such invitations to seat at such high
places in theses churches.

Call them the “achiever or less the role models” of
the church, picture yourself!.

Well, it is Jesus Christ at the center of it all, the congregation goes to the church to hear or receive their salvation in the church administered by the HOLY SPIRIT through the man, he only serves a personification of the glory of GOD, or less The TRINITY.

Money or collection is in appreciation of the man’s works at the hands of the Holy Spirit, soo long as the people feel or sees the presence of the Holy Spirit in the man, they continue to flock there, I mean his church, the collection will over flow as the number increases.

Have you ever heard of the parable of the sower by Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible, it is there, the more you give the more you increase in blessing less to speak, where you are found, may be he might be on a fertile ground yielding in 100 folds or less.…


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