The Cold War was fought on divided Germany to its unification as Federal Republic of Germany today under ideological grounds of Democracy – representing the West and Communism – representing the East.

There were victims unheard off of the West who were trapped in the East and held as ransom by the East against the West’s reprimands, so were there victims unheard off of the East who were also trapped in the West and held as ransom by the West against the East’s reprimands.

These victims were called “DARKCLOUD CLANDESTINE“.

A bridge of the Berlin wall was created to serve as a buffer zone between the East and the West ends and also a platform on which rejects from both sides could cross happily over into acceptance in the any other side of preference be it East or West.

Under this acceptance by either the West or the East:

1. You will be shown love which is but a lie detector to know whether you are a true or a lie, a truth is kept a live and a lie is killed clandestinely.

2. A trapped victim defending the course of either side in opposition territory who is found out to have been degraded beyond a certain extent, will be pulled aside by the defended side.

3. Ultimately, it’s a Lucifer’s turf ground of doom, pray to God almighty for his mercies and salvation if you ever falls victim under its shadow of death, it’s treacherous.


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