1. It is an order of TRUTH, POWER and DOMINION of a being of super
natural powers of immortality and of prime importance to the course and
development of time base or history.

2. The order is like a beast[of bat] with no eyes to see and the act of
clandestine killing is its eye sight or walking stick, it is a beggar
and a thief.

3. It rules because of the growth of its empire over existing ones
which have become weakened for power control or coordination.

4. It is a league of diverse cultures and races world wide.

5. It is impossible for any member of this order to become a christian
no matter how hard he or she tries, it is an enemy of Christianity.

6. Its supreme leader is ******* who doubles as the spiritual and the
financial head of the order.

7. Satanism is the FAITH and the worship of darkness is it’s FATE.

8. The quest of this order is not that against Christianity but wolves in sheep
clothing pretending to be Christians.

9. The order hates light of any form and any light it finds on its path it
destroys this light what so ever it may be off or might come from i.e. it is


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