Rottentomatoes as they were called way back by the royals in the east as it were in time in memorial in the quest of voyages in search and knowledge of the land earth.

They came from the east to the new world or the west in such of a land of purity totaly different from theeast which has become rotten as they saw it in their livelyhood.

They dwelled in peace in the new world they have come to conquer and subdue it under its rulership to become or becalled the whiteman’s land.

The vastness of the new world made them become meek and they conformed to the natures and attributes of the land perfectly.

Love was the law of the land which created all thees stories which have become the content of movies today, yesterday, tomorrow or less to speak forever more in time and in space.

the new world was fertile and produced seeds soo sweet like sugar to taste, soo irrisistible to the effect that the east was forgotten of its wealth and beauty.

With gentlelity, the new world rosed to be come the new world order, “The West” today.

The west or the new world order today has once again become waste of rottentomatoes such that there is no hard or fellow feelings amongst its dwellers.

Tomatoes are funny looking earthly fruits enjoyed by all just like coca cola, enjoy!.


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