Nobody talks of it : Incest!

It’s a demon possession which possesses you or you make room for its
occupation on your soul when this act is committed. Unfortunately it
holds a strong satanic magnetism called Metallic Quake a gift in it
which pulls all evil spirits and Lucifer towards you in this effect
creating a demonic market field for you to generate money in abundance
and also creates you a puppet under its manipulations to sin even more
even to kill the innocent blood, creating more room for more evil and
demonic spirits to occupy your soul.

It is said any one who follows into the dictates of this demon of
possession will eventually create room for all demonic spirits to
occupy his soul in effect he becomes Anti-Christ.

It’s hell to all innocent children born into it.

Well some mask this worm with the activities of cannibals and vampires
that is the eating of human flesh and drinking of blood, to make it
look like the activity but rather than the worm which have drove them
into these activities.

Well an added advantage to them also, as they increase the magnestic
field strength of their host worm at the same time feeding their host
worm if they accepts the faith of satanism associated with it


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