BIBLE!:there he is, that’s him darkcloud kill him for me.

JESUS!:he is darkcloud!.

BIBLE!:here money for you.

JESUS!:I want a seat with you then before I kill him.

BIBLE!:Ok welcome to the party.

JESUS!:)ie! you darkcloud now and forever more.

BIBLE!:ey! Jesus has finally killed darkcloud. “The New World Order”
says Bible treat Jesus like a slave.

JESUS!:But why, I will fight back.


JESUS!:Jesus commits suicide by attacking Bible.

BIBLE!:”The New World Order” says Bible “kill Jesus every day”.

JESUS!:Jesus declares war on Bible to take the “MERCY SEAT” away
from him.

BIBLE!:Bible stabs Jesus deep.

JESUS!:Jesus went away and never came back.

BIBLE!:Bible declares Jesus an enemy.

JESUS!:Jesus wages a terrorist propaganda warfare against Bible.

BIBLE!:Bible decides to vaporizer Jesus.

JESUS!:Jesus decides to paint Bible black and destroy his virtual
existence completely form the face of this world.


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