Chosen with Christ.

The love of money which is said in the Holy Bible to be the root of all
evil can make people even the chosen ones whose names are written in
the book of life to think otherwise of this

1. verse, Matthew 24:3-12 as nothing other than their own doings[in
case you are in authority and with power be it natural or supernatural]

2. verse 2Timothy 3:1-5 as their illiteracy in the knowledge and wisdom
of the prophecies of the kingdom of God as foretold by Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, son of the living God.

3. verse Daniel 2:44 as an illusion or a mirage of which they have no
fore knowledge of except the first couple Adam and Eve and so
disbelieve in the prophecies of the kingdom of God as by His son Jesus
Christ of Nazareth.

And coupled with the frustrations of life as one being righteous or
unrighteous onto God, we choose to get drunk or drink into any
pleasures of life to our heart most desire sometimes sinning to the
displeasure of God’s will and plans on our lives.


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