The Slaves And The Slavery.

A curse will be imposed on the will be slave by the POWERS THAT BE and the weight of their might will be used as a block against any retribution whatsoever by the yoked will be slave and the yoked will in their vengeful quest of retribution against the POWERS THAT BE will
  • become a terrorist in acts of terrorism against the POWERS THAT BE
  • join the POWERS THAT BE with his/her curse as an entry fee on the death train to hell of the POWERS THAT BE
  • be coarsed by the same POWERS THAT BE to work fro them, the POWERS THAT BE, in their quest of cursing others like him/her into their slaves

And this is the Spirit of Attribution that possess them which is called GAYA , a demon ofTEARS AND SORROW, like the Mark of The Beast and a cloud on them like Dark Cloud, to which the only salvation for them is the Lake of Fire and they are often called THE CONSUMMED IN ATTORNMENTS living in FEAR OF RETRIBUTION.


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