The Satanic Kingdoms of Lucifer on Earth.

It’s a Society where the only law and order is its currency, slavery to all who rejects and abhor its laws, eternal damnation to all who dare disturb its peaceful reign of terror on mankind.
It has no respect for Christianity and any one who hurt it with the doctrines of Christianity must be killed.
Its riches is its dominion over any part of this earth including its people and race and indestructible if it becomes a culture i.e. a medium for its growth and propagation.
Its affluence will shaken even the most formidable opponents in opposition to its course to follow it and sell off their abilities and the poverty they are in regardless of the damnation and ridicule one will suffer in worship of its wealth.
And it hates the wisdom of the fear of God that is the Holy Bible and it loves the wisdom of the fear of death, its folly and ridicule not knowing its the beginning of wisdom and thus the fear of God.

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