The making of the ANTI-CHRIST

He was born incest and he grew up with the curse and yet in riches and also in affluence with wealths too.

The guilt of the curse defeated his face or presence before all men such that he taught of himself a mockery before all men and a hater of smiling faces.

And when ever he sees a smile on his/her face of all men, it’s but an indication to him that he/she of all men knows of his curse and is laughing at him as a cursed being not wealthy of any emulation.

And he thus killed all smiles on the faces of all men he came across with the face of death and so did killed so many smiling faces of men before him.

And he thus in the end became a fear before all men and a currency a law called the 666 or the MARK OF THE BEAST(MOB) that all men must worship – and that is or was and is to come of the making of the ANTI-CHRIST, WITH THE 666 OR THE MARK OF THE BEAST(MOB) he so became.

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