The Cultures of Inheritance – Suicide!

He started off life early as a public figure his future and his inheritance to be.

He taught of his parents irresponsible over his future and the only way out for him also to make himself irresponsible over their future(that is they the children) was to destroy theirs(that is they the children) if they had any in him or his iresponsibilities over them.

He committed suicide to get it(that is his inheritance) and saw it wise to kill the progression of his children or cause them to kill the progressions of each other and that was the 2nd suicide on his part and the 1st suicide on the part of his children.

And because he saw them enjoying the fruits of his labor and so by setting them up to commit suicide, he will be enjoying the respect of his estates and they the children the mercy of his estates.

Otherwise he will be a slave onto them(that is his children) who will be enjoying the respect of his estates and he the mercy of his own estates.

Thus creating children of their own estates if these children of his find it wise and early enough to read into the taught of this man concerning their lives to escape to build their own self dependent estates.

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