Our literacy and our knowledge base about this world and its existence in information and technological advancement makes us see any prophet of God Almighty, drawing others towards the teachings and doctrines of God Almighty, a challenge to ripoff, kill and destroy, because that prophet of God Almighty challenges us we are not “GOD ALMIGHTY” over mankind which we think otherwise as are “GOD ALMIGHTY” over mankind.

These Prophets of God Almighty more or often than not tend to stand before their race, growing up to stand between their race and other races and eventually stand before mankind as imagery’s of God Almighty.

And we as “GOD ALMIGHTY” over mankind, whosoever not one of us in whom we see our creations in his/her possession, we will take it all away from that fellow in the name of slavery and one will be a slave to use our creations before us, come to think of use our creations to stand before us.


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