The Horor On My Table Too!

The Horor On My Table Too
“I a doctor of the autopsy, I was called to thoroughly examine
this dead body on plate who was said to have been raped to death”.
VEILOFF : It was said to have been a practicing assassin of the sex or for sex, a sexy killer.
SEX : Heterosexual
FACE : It had the eyes of the Anti-Christ
TEMPERATURE : It had a mind of a slaved being, on lookout of its state of affairs
PSYCHIC : It had a heart of death, it was already dead on arrival, such is the condition of so many of its kind who never made it out found that sanctuary to hide off in time.
VAGINA : It was a ghost(directly underneath the penis)
PENIS : It was of a size off the normal, heavily loaded, to inflict the most damming wounds on its host.
BUTT : Unfortunately, it was also a homosexual, which made it highly balanced for the most fun of sex for all sexes. It seems holy yet it is evil:
EVIL : It had no breast at all
HOLY : But it looked most like a female more than a male, even without a feminine breast.

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