Thou shall not kill!

Thou shall not kill:

1.When you enter into a peaceful enemy territory alone, lest they pounce on you and butcher you to death.

2.When you are charged or wrongly accused of a crime off which you are innocent off and all evidence lay claim to it that indeed you are innocent.

3.When some one encroaches on any property of yours which is waste to you or not in use now, like the frontiers of your parcel of land which is barren.

4.When you have the power to kill.

5.When you are provoked to anger in defence of a course which is in the opposition to your accuser.

6.When knowledge of your attempted assault is suicidal.

7.When the victim is under your mercy.

8.When God grants you salvation and dominion over ungodly souls who granted you no peace in the times of your tribulations under them.

9.An innocent blood.
– GOD!


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