The Odds : 95(for black)-5(for white)

This black man was told by this white friend of his to sell him some of his gold wealth, which he did sold out to the white friend as much as he had wanted to buy in exchange for dollar notes printed by his white friend.

When the black man realised that the notes was the only source of wealth of the white friend, he decided to as it were in trying to out wit the white man to subject him to poverty and eventually his slave, he sold out all his wealth of gold to the white friend in exchange of the dollar notes, thinking that was all on the white friend.

The dollar notes in fact cost the white friend just 5% of the gold sold him in printing, meaning the black man exchange 95% wealth of gold for just 5% wealth of that gold for the dollar notes of the white friend.

So the calculation is that the black man deceived himself of his vast riches and wealth of gold in exchange for the little his white friend gave him off his dollar notes.


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