The New World Order : The rebelius reign and the decleration of independence.

He kills because he must kill to defend his domain which is the gates of hell flames. He never leave the gate let alone allow any one to stand in for him, he will kill any one who dares approaches or encroches. No one permitted to entery into this hell is ever allowed out, you are bounded in shackles and in chains until death and only Jesus Christ can save you from the clutches of Lucifer’s hell flames.


1. “Hell is a kingdom just as heaven is of Jesus Christ, there is a place for every one, stay!”

2. “Christianity is doomed to salvation, all who dare follow Jesus Christ will perish even before He[Jesus Christ] comes in His second coming, in tears and sorrow of which only those whom names are written in the book of life will dare make it pass Golgotha”

3. “The battle of good over evil is on going, it will take only the blind to fall into my deceptive lies of the Light of God, less to speak Christianity”

4. “Any one againts us is an enemy onto us, and only death can do us part of the marriage of the flesh”

5. “We live in darkness, the darkness is our life, no one can live amongst us unless he is of the life and the faith which is the darkness”

6. “Hell abound in soo many jewellery of the dark gift, forget about heavenly pleasures of Jerusalem and join me in eternal and everlasting hell flames”


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