The New World Order : BOW WOW WOW!

In the beginning God created a world for mankind called Eden. Mankind was blessed in it. However mankind rebelled against God’s commandments to sin against HIM which was at the artistic hands of the devil, Lucifer.

The curse of God came upon mankind, mankind were then driven away from this world(Eden) onto earth or sand or dust.

Mankind continued in its sinful nature until mankind was warned by God in the floods of Noah.

God seeking to turn the eyes of mankind off and away from Lucifer’s provocative lies and deception made a covenant with mankind through Abraham. But mankind did not take this covenant serious and considered it as a seek joke.

God then send down Jesus Christ to stop mankind from progressing any further:

*into the darkness of Lucifer,

*away from the face of God,

*into the wrath of God and

*the flames of the lake of fire or hell.

The commandments of God is or are referred to us the NEW WORLD ORDER, in that Jesus Christ came to take us back to the old world Eden now know as the NEW WORLD in that our entry into this NEW WORLD and its covenant will be everlasting, the ORDER.

Just like the round about of the Israelites through Canaan to Egypt and back to Canaan, soo is the NEW WORLD ORDER from Eden to earth and back to Eden to be known as The New Jerusalem.



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