The Holy Trinity and The Truth.

A fool as he(The Anti-Christ)is, he(The Anti-Christ) will think wise of himself to keep it(The Truth) a secrete not knowing it’s already revealed to them before time(The Holy Trinity), his folly.

The Truth is about the Holy Bible, while he(The Anti-Christ) is far away from understanding the truth in it, he(The Anti-Christ) is also as well very close in destroying it(The Holy Bible)and yet again he(The Anti-Christ) found it a very useful tool he(The Anti-Christ) can use to deceive the rest of mankind lost in the darkness of this world to follow him(The Anti-Christ) with and after
Lucifer’s satanism, and that is the “IMMORTALITY” prophesied by Jesus Christ of Nazareth of the WORD OF GOD or the Holy Bible.

As he(The Anti-Christ) went about creating, accumulating and enslaving all wealth here on earth onto himself, he found out later that they belonged to God Almighty and that it is the wealth which is worshiped by mankind that creates his(The Anti-Christ) power and his(The Anti-Christ) authority over the rest of mankind and not his(The Anti-Christ) dark or doomed image he(The Anti-Christ) post about and above the rest of mankind.


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