The Delta Force.

creation and the emergence of this great UNION or alliance was as a little experimental research and evaluations of the reactional effects
of outsiders(the axis powers) on the propose new world ordinances by
this three giants, The United States of America, The Former United Soviet Socialist Republics and The Great Britain, to the effect of total control over all sovereign states on earth under a single umbrella called the “Jerusalem”, the single most importance piece of structure or foundation no one not even Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
the so called son of the God most high could defeat of surmount, the so
called MOUNTAIN of GOD and not the actual recreation of the union of
the Jewish State, Israel using the birth of Nazi as bait.

The creation of this Nazist Movement of the axis powers was a clandestine classified operation mounted by the allied powers.

This led Hitler to also denounce and claim this new world order, in that he believed in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, hence the creation of this German Nazi(Nazareth=Nazi), the only ignited torch left to flame up this highly inflammable oiled DELTA FORCE, THE ANTI-CHRIST.


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