The Chain Reaction.


Day and night are but the rotation and the revolution of the earth and moon respectively about their axis.


To a gypsy like me, living under the shadow of these two phenomenas, the only reason why I’m alive to see another occurrence of these two phenomenas is but to the courtesy of food, water and vital air.

-A retrogressive future, I position myself in overlooking the future and dwelling on the past.

To people living on the face of earth, the occurrence of these two phenomenas is but a new day, a new month and a new year, a journey of hope to be paced up with or out paced and this creates the confusion of life and its numerous problems which today or in time in this phenomenas is not remedied will become a burden on mankind.

-Accidental quests some times I stumble into, overlooking the past and rushing onto the future.


To people living under the mercy of these two phenomenas, it is but God to them, worshiping its helm as an oppotunity to grow or climb up the ladder of success also.

-Uncertainty, a Brownian Motion of irregularities of progression and retrogression.


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