It was the wrong synthax!

This programmer went for a
loan and unfortunately for him the collateral was his life of 20 years,
5 years to the the said 20 years to up, he oozed his trunk loads of
sperms to a sperm bank to sold out to perpetuate his genre, he was
already married with two children.

His sperm were sold out, he
was very much good looking to be bought. And withing that spade of 5
years to up to the 20 years, he had fathered about hundred children
with different mothers, only to be told by the collectors his days has
ben made into a life sentence no more the said 20 years.

women outside his marriage with his kids traced him out to be rich
hence brought all hiss kids to him, imagine 100 children yelling


He had the riches to cater for only a family of ten on a table, though.


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