It is highly prophetic!

A young pastor who has been deceived by the demon Beelzebub that he(Beelzebub) is the holy spirit and of God and of Jesus Christ was told on a said date to perform this sacrifice of a sheep for him(Beelzebub) just like Abraham with Isaac.

And just as I was foolishly passing by unawares, this pastor and his congregation pounced on me, if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of policemen near by upon my shout of, Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!Rape!,

I could have been Beelzebub’s dinner of celebration that day. Later when the pastor was asked of his side of the story he said he was instructed by the holy spirit to do so, offer me as a sacrifice for the God, which is highly prophetic just as Abraham was commanded of God to do so to his son Isaac.


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